Performance Exhaust System

At G-Exhaust, we specialize in the replacement and installation of all types of performance exhaust systems. When you want to replace your old exhaust system for a new one, we highly recommend you bring your car to our shop so we can take care of it. Here are the steps that are taken to replace a performance exhaust system.

Examining the car and ordering the parts for the Performance Exhaust Systems

Step 1:The first thing that is done is getting the car up on a lift so you can get under it.

Step 2:Position yourself under the car by lying on your back. Take a look at what is going on over there and try to imagine what will be replaced and how to get it off the car. Look for any obstruction in the removal process.

Step 3: Before you begin anything, assess all the conditions of the parts of your exhaust system. You will probably need to start at the crossover pipe, the exhaust manifold, or the catalytic converter.

Step 4: Make a plan to order all of the parts that you need. Make sure not to forget the gaskets for between the components. If, for some reason, you are unsure of what you will need, ask an auto parts store or try to find a diagram of your specific exhaust system online. G-Exhaust would be happy to help you.

Step 5:Order your parts and receive them. Make sure you have the gaskets for penetrating oil, hangers, and between the components.

Step 6: Do a visual test fit and dry-assemble all of the parts. Lay all of the parts out and do a visual test fit for the assembly the best that you can. Make sure to identify and correct any of the problems in your old performance exhaust system if necessary.

Removing the Old Exhaust System

Step 1:Begin by unbolting the stock exhaust system. Begin at the back of the car and work your way forward. The bolts are usually rusted and might be hard to get off without an impact gun. Use penetrating oil to help with the removal and remember that if you tighten a bolt or nut just a little bit, can break it free, which helps in the removal of the nut or bolt.

Step 2:Remove all of the exhaust components that you are going to replace. After removing the system from the hangers, make sure to set aside all of your parts. The piping should now be removed.

Installing the New Performance Exhaust System

Step 1: Start at the front of the car and hang the exhaust part up. After, bolt it to the upstream pipe. You should not tighten all of the way until all of the pieces are on.

Step 2: After all the pipes are attached, tighten each segment to the first. Use a sufficient amount of torque on each of the bolts to make sure they are tight.

Step 3: Observe the new performance exhaust system from a few steps back and if you need to, make any alignment adjustments. The tailpipes should look good and be even with the bumper when you get to the back.

Step 4: Double check everything and retighten the bolts.

Step 5: Look for any leaks by starting up the car.