Custom Exhaust Tips

Custom exhaust tips can add style to your car. They can come in a variety of styles and different shapes. At G-Exhaust, we will provide your vehicle with some of the best-looking exhaust tips on the market. The tip of the exhaust is the only part of the exhaust that gets noticed; so we believe it is important that the tip looks good. If you are unsure about how to install your own custom exhaust tips, bring your car into G-Exhaust. Here are the steps of installing exhaust tips.

Measure for the Custom Exhaust Tips

here are three different dimensions that you need to consider when you are choosing your exhaust tips. Your first need to look at the inside diameter of the exhaust tip. The car’s tailpipe and the inside diameter of the exhaust tip must match. The two pieces connect here. The next dimension to look at is the outside diameter. The outside diameter becomes the next exhaust vent for the car. The bumper cutout’s width limits the outside diameter. Choosing a tip that is too large will force you to cut out a part of the bumper. Making this cut can be expensive and challenging, so try to avoid it. The last thing to consider is the actual length of the exhaust tip. The exhaust tip should be visible, but should not be long enough that it creates a safety hazard.

Select Your Custom Exhaust Tips

Now you have to choose the style and shape of your custom exhaust tips that you want to install. You can choose from oval, square, or round tips depending on your taste and the shape of the bumper cutout. Exhaust tips can be made out of chrome ot stainless steel. The chrome tips can get corroded, but are lighter and cheaper. You can also choose to buy clamp-on tips, which are very easy to install. These tips can loosen easily, get stolen, and must be tightened periodically. Weld-on tips are secure and theft-proof, but require more work to install.

Install Your Custom Exhaust Tips

Make sure that your vehicle has been turned off for a while and is cold, so you avoid burning yourself when installing your custom exhaust tips. First, clean off the exhaust tip and the tailpipe with WD-40 and a rag, and then try sliding the tip onto the exhaust pipe. Use grease to lubricate whatever pieces give you resistance if necessary. Cover the exhaust tip with a towel and using a rubber mallet, tap it into place. Complete the installation using the fastener style that you chose. Some models will require you to tighten clamps and screws to secure the tips. Other models will require you to weld a joint between the exhaust tip and the tailpipe.