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Gexhaust Auto Parts is a premier source of high-quality aftermarket car parts and accessories, offering an extensive range of Autometer products at unbeatable prices. Autometer is a leading manufacturer of performance gauges, tachometers, speedometers, and other car accessories, known for their precision and accuracy. Gexhaust Auto Parts stocks a comprehensive selection of Autometer products, and their knowledgeable team is always available to help you find the right part for your vehicle. Whether you're a racing enthusiast or a car owner looking to enhance your driving experience, Gexhaust Auto Parts has the Autometer products you need at the best prices in the market.

Notwithstanding the more usually known AutoMeter Superior Execution division zeroed in on execution and dashing auto instrumentation and gadgets, AutoMeter likewise incorporates four extra branches that take care of specialty markets:

  • AutoMeter Unique Hardware Division that works with enormous clients for the making of specialty instrumentation for creation vehicles.
  • AutoMeter Supportive of Cycle Division that plans and delivers item intended explicitly for the cruiser business.
  • AutoMeter Marine Division, which produces instrumentation for water-borne vehicles.
  • AutoMeter Test Hardware Division that produces proficient grade car battery and electrical chargers and analyzers for car fix and vehicle armada support.

In 2007, AutoMeter extended its exhibition family to incorporate two new organizations with the securing of Stack, Ltd. of Britain, whose roots are in Recipe 1 instrumentation and are well known for their scramble presentations and information securing frameworks, and Dedenbear Items, an organization famous for choke stops, defer boxes, and racing hardware. AutoMeter is amped up for the potential open doors introduced in these associations and are bringing to showcase a few previously unheard-of plans and advancements including the Super Light Ace Information Obtaining Framework, the Dedenbear STS Choke Stop, and Stack Favorable to Control Proficient Stepper Engine Measures.

Once more in 2012, AutoMeter extended with the securing of ProParts LLC. Brought into the world on the rapid ovals of NASCAR and refined on street courses and drag strips all over the planet, Spek-Expert measures are probably the most exceptional instruments at any point considered. AutoMeter invites the ProParts Spek checks into our steadily developing motorsports product offering to offer the very best elements regardless of the application.