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At the point when Asa Phillips began Auto Ventshade® (AVS) in 1935, it was absolutely impossible that he could imagine that, north of 80 years after the fact, AVS would be an industry force with a global presence. His organization was worked around the Ventshade®, a metal gadget that mounted above vehicle windows giving natural air access while keeping precipitation and terrible weather conditions out. This brought about the innovation of Ventvisor® and the side window redirector classification.

As the prevalence of the Ventshade® developed, Mr. Phillips' child, Asa Phillips Jr. presented the Ventvisor® side window diverter in plastic. In 1998, Lund Global procured AVS, taking it higher than ever of accomplishment and advancement.

Today, AVS has become inseparable from Ventvisor® side window diverters, hood defenders, and numerous industry-driving items that help you appreciate and safeguard your vehicles. AVS represents considerable authority in quality items using TS principles with on location plan and tooling assets. Known for giving style, assurance, and solace, Auto Ventshade fabricates other excellent automotive adornments including Bugflector II® and Aeroskin® hood defenders, light covers, moonroof diverters, and thats only the tip of the iceberg.