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Gexhaust Auto Parts is a leading provider of high-quality aftermarket car parts and accessories, offering a wide range of BBK products at the best prices. BBK is a renowned manufacturer of high-performance throttle bodies, headers, exhaust systems, and cold air intakes, known for their exceptional quality and performance gains. Gexhaust Auto Parts stocks a comprehensive selection of BBK products, and their team of knowledgeable experts is always available to help you find the right part for your vehicle. Whether you're a racing enthusiast or a car owner looking to improve your engine's performance, Gexhaust Auto Parts has the BBK products you need at unbeatable prices.

Experiencing childhood in a humble community in the upper east during the 1970's and 80's, Brian would peruse vehicle magazines like Speedster and Vehicle Specialty and dream about Southern California and the exhibition business as it was the origin of the vehicle culture and home of many organizations like Edelbrock and Dragster Magazine. After graduating secondary school in 1987, Brian persuaded Barry to go along with him in driving out west to Southern California to begin another life and go to school. A couple of months after the fact in the wake of perceiving how famous the new variety of electronic fuel infused horse vehicles like the Bronco and Camaro had become, Brian had beginning an organization that would sell execution bolt ons for these new stages. Back in 1988 the main post-retail organizations, for example, Culmination Dashing were centered around execution for the outdated carbureted muscle vehicles and truly didn't comprehend Detroit's most recent fuel infused stages.


In 1989, Brian's sibling Ken moved out west in the wake of graduating secondary school to help Brian and Barry with the business which had begun to set up a good foundation for itself with the 5.0L Bronco market publicizing in such magazines as Super Passage and Muscle Horses and Quick Portages. Two or after three years Barry would pass on BBK to move back east and begin a family, when Brian and Ken started to zero in on getting more engaged with assembling and growing the BBK product offering. Making such industry firsts as the cutting edge execution choke body, cold air consumption and shorty headers, BBK would rapidly secure itself as a main power in this new universe of EFI execution that was assuming control over the secondary selling as devotees began to perceive the amount of potential these stages possessed while conveying phenomenal mileage and drivability. During the 1990's Brian had made companionships with a portion of the business pioneers and pioneers like Vic Edelbrock (Edelbrock Corp) and Sway Petersen (organizer behind Petersen Distributing and home of similar magazines Brian and Ken would peruse as little stuff heads while growing up). These individuals had become companions as well as a motivation as Brian and Ken would incorporate BBK into the top exhibition brand for the cutting edge vehicle and truck.


Today equipped with almost 200,000ft of cutting edge Research and development, assembling and dispersion in Florida, the BBK brand keeps on zeroing in on bringing the best quality, moderately estimated exhibition items fabricated here in the USA. In the event that you're ever in Daytona Ocean side or San Diego, make certain to look at our manufacturing plant outlets and see what execution redesigns BBK offers for your number one venture. With more than 600 items now accessible for most Passage, GM, Evade and Jeep models, BBK keeps on planning and produce the greatest dyno demonstrated execution bolt ons with a similar assurance as when Brian kicked things off in 1988.