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Unfiltered Enthusiasm, we began with air channels; however, our vision has become more extensive. Pushing past the road, into new tough outskirts, we are streamlining air admission across the whole range of inner ignition. From fine snow-slants, sand ridges, mud swamps, drag strips and travels; to complete lines all over, across each landscape, we power drivers and wayfarers to dream greater, experience further, and find their maximum capacity.

Airaid’s most memorable item was a channel that supplanted prohibitive processing plant parts. These were sold as admission framework units, and were met with quick prominence in the superior execution secondary selling. We quickly extended these contributions for famous vehicles and trucks while coordinating driving edge innovation into our plan and assembling process. This ceaseless push for earth shattering arrangements permitted Airaid to stand apart from contender’s item contributions, and, surprisingly, pulled in OEM organizations for extraordinary creation vehicle packs.

Staying zeroed in on wind stream the executives, Airaid created Poweraid throttle body spacers in 2000 to additional upgrade superior execution air admission frameworks. By 2001, Airaid was fabricating our own air channels to fulfill the greatest guidelines. In view of lab testing, our Synthaflow and Synthamax channel media stands out in proficiency. Today, Airaid keeps on creating air admission frameworks without limits, continuously investigating into the great beyond.