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The Distinct Advantages of Hard Fold Tonneau Covers for Pickup Trucks

The Distinct Advantages of Hard Fold Tonneau Covers for Pickup Trucks

22nd Nov 2023

When someone plans to buy a pickup truck, deciding whether to cover the bed is an important consideration. Many truck owners leave the bed open, but adding a cover protects items inside from weather and the possibility of theft. Hard caps, also called shells, and tonneau covers are suitable for these purposes. Hard fold tonneau covers have certain advantages that many truck owners prefer.


These devices generally make the pickup truck bed more accessible as compared with shells. The person only needs to fold back the cover and reach in. Caps, on the other hand, may require actually climbing into the bed to reach something close to the cab. Someone who frequently transports various items may prefer hard fold tonneau covers.


An individual who wants to haul large objects that won't fit under the cover may wonder whether a shell would be better. The versatile character of hard tonneau covers allows truck owners to fold the device back to haul bigger items.


The streamlined design makes the vehicle more aerodynamic on the highway, which translates to better fuel efficiency as compared with caps. The large shells on the truck bed increase wind resistance. The savings can add up, especially when driving a larger pickup with low fuel economy.


Many truck owners prefer the streamlined covers not only for better fuel efficiency but also for the appearance. They consider this look to be more sophisticated and may feel it fits better in an urban setting.

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