Margate Muffler & Exhaust Shop

Margate FL Muffler & Exhaust ShopReady to add some performance enhancing modifications to your car? Looking for the right place to do it for you? You’ve found us! We’re G Exhaust, one of South Florida’s premier exhaust shops and we’re ready to serve our customers in the Margate area. In 2004, we opened our first custom and performance exhaust shop and, thanks to years of great customers, we opened our second shop in 2016. Now, we’re ready to serve more customers than ever and get those cars looking, sounding, and performing the way you want them to.

Performance Exhaust Systems in Margate, FL

No matter what make or model car you’re currently driving, we can help get you setup with a custom exhaust that’ll blow you away. By the way, in case you’re not aware or you need a reminder, replacing a stock exhaust system with an aftermarket one can improve performance, fuel efficiency, sound, and look. There’s really no way to lose (unless of course, it isn’t installed correctly by someone who isn’t a professional…). A G Exhaust we love helping car owners transform their cars into the ride of their dreams with an exhaust mod, just check out all the great photos and videos we’ve shared on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Margate Exhaust Repair, Service & Maintenance

Margate FL Custom & Performance ExhaustHey, we know you’ve got tons of other options when it comes to choosing a muffler shop or custom repair shop in Margate, so what sets us apart? To be honest with you, the best way to find out for yourself is to give us a call, stop by one of our shops, or even check out what other people are saying about our work online. We can tell you right now that if you do get in contact with us, any one you’ll speak with in our shops will be knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. We’re not about making a quick buck or selling our customers something we don’t believe in. At G Exhaust, we try to work with each customer to make sure we can get them what they want for the price they want. It’s pretty simple.

Mufflers, Catalytic Converters & Air Intake Installation

Now, there’s a lot that we do in our shops; it’s not just total exhaust system overhauls. We can also repair your original equipment. If you need any help with mufflers, resonators, stacks, straight pipes, bends, catalytic converters, diesel exhaust, off road exhaust, air intake installation, test pipes, tips, true duals, welds, or any other related services, we’ve got you covered. And you better believe we work only with the best brands in the business, because we love it when our customers are still happy months after the work has been done.

If you’re thinking about getting any one of these services, please contact us at your convenience or just drop by. We’re happy to provide you with a free estimate or free computer diagnostics. Once you see for yourself how important an exhaust system is and what a custom exhaust can do, we know you’ll want to make some changes to your car. And you can bet that we’ll get it done just the way you want it.