Introduction to Exhaust Repair

Your Exhaust System

runs a very simple process. Take the heat away from the engine in a way that is safe, silent and swift. But with all three of those reasons bring problems for the exhaust system. Luckily at G Exhaust that’s exactly what we do. mufflers by G exhaustWe service a full range of services for your vehicle, but our specialty is the exhaust. We are going to steep slowly into the aspects of exhaust repair so let’s get started with our top three services: Exhaust Leak Repair, Muffler Repair, and Exhaust Repair.

Common Exhaust Repairs

Exhaust Leak Repair – The most common kind of repair due to natural erosion of the pipes. When you are constantly sending heat through a system, it will erode the metal that is containing it. The heat will rest and stay, and this will cause rust which leads to holes. Any time you see a car with smoke issues (and it’s not black smoke and on fire) odds are it is a problem with the exhaust. The smoke is supposed to be safely disposed of through the exhaust system, and the leaks are bad for the environment and the efficiency of your engine.

Muffler Repair – When a muffler is broken, it is extremely damaging to your car. The heat that is trapped in your car can be the death of the engine. Best ways to check for muffler damage are to see if it is leaking water, hear if your car is louder than normal, check the muffler to see if there is damage and pay attention to the engine to make sure it isn’t overheating.

Exhaust Replacement – exhaust systemMost of these problems can be fixed and replaced. However, if a part requires replacement, it’s important to take the car in immediately, because a small problem often snowballs into a larger one. Exhaust replacement and Muffler replacement are both services that we also offer.

G Exhaust

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