Exhaust System , Mufflers and Off-Road Exhausts

Exhaust System

off-road exhaustKeeping your exhaust system in top working shape is important. If not you risk ruining your fuel mileage, the environment can be affected, and even your safety can be affected. So you might need to have some basic information or knowledge about how an exhaust works. Your car exhaust carries away the gasses that are created or formed in your vehicle. So when gas is formed, the exhaust pulls away and keeps it out of your car. While this can seem like a good thing, the gasses formed in the car are harmful to humans and to the environment. That is why is it’s important to keep an eye on your exhaust systems and have regular checkups.


mufflers Mufflers are also part of the exhaust system. Think of the exhaust system like a particular organ in a human body and the mufflers would be one of its tools to keep your system running. The mufflers purpose is to maintain the exhaust down to acceptable levels. As mentioned before, the gasses formed in the exhaust are actually tiny series of explosions. Without proper mufflers, the noise would be unbearable. A mufflers role in this process in the exhaust is by using baffles that would bounce the exhaust around so that the energy inside will fade and lower the noise inside the exhaust. Today, some mufflers use fiberglass that is better at absorbing the sounds tha
t the gasses make. This allows for the gasses to flow much more properly.

Over time, maintenance is required because the entire causes corrosions in your exhaust system. The miniature explosion produces moisture in your system. Sometimes rain can also enter your system as well. When you turn off your car, that water condenses and produces droplets. On long trips, that water might dissolve, but short trips do not evaporate the water. Pretty much, that water sits there and rusts your system.

Off-Road Exhaust System

exhaust systemOff-Road Exhaust System are designed for use on vehicles with highly modified suspension systems lifted, lowered, air bagged or long travel that can accommodate nearly every configuration.

Our newest technology muffler delivers the same fine attributes as mufflers with a deep tone and great overall acceleration sound, but in a compact case perfect for big vehicles. If you would like to see our wide variety of off-road exhaust system, come to G Exhaust and let us guide you towards your perfect solution and affordable price.