Exhaust System and Mufflers

muffler shop g haustWhat’s an Exhaust System?

In the simplest definition, an exhaust system is made up of different shaped pipes that are designed to be connected to each other. Each pipe is also shaped to conform to various parts of the underside for the care. That’s why you see so many different, funky shape exhaust pipes, so each pipe can connect to each plus fit safely under a car. The pipes are responsible for moving the exhaust gasses towards the back, while some sections are more specialized. While it seems complicated and you might ask, “If it’s just to push gas, why not a straight single pipe under the car?”

Well, no.

A single pipe that has to bend to fit the contour of the bottom of your car is expensive and it’s cheaper to have small angled pipe sections installed. Second, an exhaust system will wear out over time, depending on outside factors such as environment, how much use, other driving conditions, it may wear out even faster. It is cheaper to replace a section of your system, such as mufflers or a rusted pipe than having to uninstall a large single part and replacing the entire thing. It’s also a headache for everyone involved from the car owner to the staff at the muffler shop you’ll end up going to replace a whole entire system each and every time something goes wrong.

Ok, cool. So what are Mufflers?exhaust system g exhaust

Like any system, the exhaust system is made up of different parts. Mufflers are a part of the exhaust system. It is also an essential element of the exhaust, something akin to the heart. The muffler is the large round of oval chamber that is usually, emphasis on the usually, found near the back of the car. Mufflers in every car are responsible for silencing the noises an engine makes. It has a sophisticated design because it needs to keep an engine but also allow that exhaust to flow through, the very thing that makes the noise. So mufflers are made with lots of little chambers and tubes that can be filled with wool and synthetic fibers to absorb all the noise that comes passing through. All the while, mufflers need to be able to hold well against damage like corrosion and retain heat.


mufflers by G exhaustWow, that is so cool! Then why do we need Muffler Shops?

Because wear is just a part of life. Over time, everything wears down and needs a look at, maybe needs some repair or need replacement. If you want your car baby to last and keep running smoothly, you have to take care of all its parts like its engine and its exhaust system. Muffler shops are specially designed to handle the problems that affect your exhaust and mufflers systems. G exhaust Muffler Shop in Davie is such a shop with years of experience to keep your systems in its best shape and if it’s not, back to its best shape. So call G Exhaust, your muffler shop, and give your car what it needs to keep you on the road and happy.