Common Muffler Repair Problems

Common Muffler Repair Problems

muffler with GexhaustAn issue with the exhaust system and the mufflers can be a headache for any car owner. However, if you wait too long, the issue can worsen and the cost to provide muffler repair can spike exponentially and become a giant problem. Mufflers are part of your car exhaust system and with use over time, it will experience wear and tear resulting in needing muffler repair.





Mufflers are responsible for three major functions.muffler repair with Gexhaust

  • It is responsible to channel the exhaust gasses out of your engine and safely away from the car. It can’t be stressed how important this is because cars produce carbon monoxide. Without the mufflers, cars would be too dangerous to drive. Muffler pushes all the gasses out safely and away from you.


  • It plays a massive role in helping the car run smoothly. Your car relies on a compressive force that pushes the pistons down. This allows for drivers to use the wheels to drive. The mufflers regulate that releasing the gasses provides enough compression. Without out this, your car would suffer poor mileage.


  • Your car muffler is responsible for the noise that develops in your car. Your car engine makes a great deal of noise because of the mechanics inside its systems. Your car muffler funnels all of these noises for a quieter, more pleasant driving experience.

car muffler with GexhaustYou might be in need of muffler repair if you notice these signs when you are driving your vehicle. These signs include:

  • A reduction in your car mpg
  • There are many reasons for a decrease in your mpg (miles per gallon) like needing new spark plugs, maybe your fuel lines might need to be changed, but sometimes it can be that your muffler is in need of repair.
  • Loud noises coming from your car
  • Modern cars are designed to be quiet with some exceptions such as cars that are expected to be loud. Any noises coming from your car should be a warning that something is wrong but it might a dangerous sign that your car muffler needs to be looked at by a professional like G Exhaust.
  • Any strange odors coming from your car
  • If your car is emitting any foul odors or strange odors, you need, without exception needs to get your car looked at. Mufflers are designed to push exhaust gas away from the car. If you can smell something that means your muffler is in need of serious repair. Exhaust gas is fatal to humans. Every year, there are hundreds of fatalities from gas poisoning such as carbon monoxide. If you smell something, call G Exhaust today.


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